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Our wide range of Seal Coat and Striping services cover most commercial and residential applications. Contact us for a free consultation.

• New or existing layouts
• Seal Coat
• Striping & ADA Compliance
• Striping & Repaint Curbs
• Crack Fill
• Pavement Stenciling



Striping, Stenciling, Pavement Marking and Signage
Our line markings are installed using D.O.T. approved marking paint from state-of-the-art airless spray equipment. We can re-stripe the existing lines or design a new layout per your blueprints. We provide installation of items such as truncated domes, bollards, signs and posts for ADA compliance, directional arrows, etc. All of the line markings, curb painting/stenciling, and directional traffic signage are provided in our services.

When it comes to your parking lot, we can construct and maintain it all to ensure your compliance and mitigate risk of exposure to the public.



Seal Coating helps protect your asphalt surface from premature wear and oxidation. Seal coating is one of the best, cost effective options for maintaining appearance of your asphalt.

Please contact us for a free seal coating estimate. TMC is strategic in maximizing the lifespan of your parking lots, driveways, and roads. We plan and manage your project to maintain traffic flow and access for your tenants and patrons.


The first impression of a facility starts with curb appeal. A rich, black pavement with fresh defined striping is inviting and conveys a sense of retailer success and community pride. If the asphalt becomes neglected, it not only can make a negative impression on the property and its tenants, but also accelerates pavement failure and the need for costly repairs.


By investing in preventative asphalt maintenance, you're sure to prevent premature wear and improve the lifespan of your asphalt. Seal coating approximately every 3 years is a proactive step that provides your asphalt with the necessary waterproofing properties to maintain it's durability and appearance. It maintains the asphalt's flexibility, slows down oxidation, prevents raveling, and provides a rich, like-new appearance. More importantly, it will protect the sub-base from water penetration and deterioration, which can lead to extensive repairs

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