Prioritizing Safety Standards at Every Step: The TMC Way

May 14, 2023
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Safety Standards is Priority at Every Step

At TMC, safety standards isn’t just a box we check off. It’s the heartbeat of our operations. From the boardroom to the field, accident prevention takes center stage in every task, conversation, and decision we make. Our commitment isn’t just about fulfilling requirements—it’s about ensuring every member of our team returns home safely at the end of the day.

Our mission is clear: to cultivate a work environment where safety and health aren’t just buzzwords but a way of life. But how do we bring this mission to life?

Firstly, we have rigorous safety standards in place. We don’t merely ask our employees to be safe; we equip them with the tools and training to ensure they are. As part of our commitment to continuous safety education, every TMC team member must complete the following certifications and requirements:

1. **CPR Certification**:

Because emergencies are unpredictable.

2. **Cal-OSHA 10 & 30 Safety Certifications**:

Comprehensive training modules to understand and adhere to safety regulations.

3. **Flaggers Permit**:

Ensuring the safe management of vehicular traffic around our work zones.

4. **Daily Tailgate Safety Meetings**:

Daily reminders and updates on safety best practices.

This structured approach reaffirms our dedication to creating a culture of safety awareness. At TMC, safety isn’t a duty—it’s a promise.