Asphalt Emulsion Sealer: Protecting Driveways and Parking Lots with Sealcoating

March 4, 2024
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Importance of Asphalt Emulsion Sealer

Whether it’s a residential concrete driveway, asphalt pavement, or large commercial parking lot, sealcoating is an important maintenance practice that can greatly extend the life of surfaces and protect major infrastructure investments. By sealing cracks and pores, the process prevents moisture, gasoline, and other contaminants from reaching and damaging underlying asphalt or concrete bases. This is especially crucial in regions with harsh winters and changing seasons where the potential for asphalt damage because of low temperatures is high, as discussed in our post on seal coating in cold weather

Today, we will focus specifically on asphalt emulsion sealers, which are a popular sealcoating product type due to their durability and user-friendly application. With different emulsion sealer brands and formulas available, understanding product is essential when selecting the right protective coating system for a given project. In this post, we explore the functionality of asphalt emulsion sealers while comparing some available alternatives. 

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What Is Asphalt Emulsion Sealer? 

What Is Asphalt Emulsion Sealer?  

An asphalt emulsion is a type of asphalt sealer made from water containing tiny droplets of colloid mill liquid asphalt. These asphalt emulsions typically contain between 40% and 80% asphalt and come in “hot mix” and “warm mix” varieties.

Simply put, a “hot mix” emulsion utilizes lots of fuel and heat (over 150F) in its production, whereas a “warm mix” requires much lower temperatures and less fuel. The hot mixes are best used in hot months, because the extra heat helps proper bond. You can use warm mixes in more mild conditions, as they require less heat for proper application. Both types are great options when coal tar sealers are in short supply or local regulations limit your product use.  

The most common application for asphalt emulsion sealer is sealcoating driveways, parking lots, and roads to fill minor cracks while forming an impermeable barrier against damage-causing water, oils, and de-icing salts. Sealers are a great choice for asphalt repair over full replacement. They extend service life by protecting underlying asphalt bases from moisture penetration related damage. With coverage rates around 200-400 square feet per gallon, depending on material porosity and applicator expertise, emulsion sealers offer plenty of benefits at moderate costs.


4 Best Asphalt Emulsion Sealers 

Asphalt Kingdom Emulsion Sealer

A top choice for large commercial projects, Asphalt Kingdom Emulsion Sealer cures quickly to get your asphalt surface back in use as soon as possible. Under normal conditions, the sealer will dry within 4 hours. However, in humid conditions, it may take up to 24 hours to fully dry. It is crucial to wait until the sealer is completely dry before applying a second coat or line striping to ensure optimal results.

It’s specially designed to better resist fuel and chemical spills better than other grades. Asphalt Kingdom Emulsion Sealer is also environmentally friendly, non-flammable, approved in all 50 states, and compliant with low VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations. It’s effective and safe! 

BIG A Asphalt Emulsion Driveway Sealer  

This emulsion sealer with outstanding performance is suitable for both commercial and residential driveways. It levels smoothly during application and forms a long-lasting, pliable seal even over expansion cracks. 

One 55-gallon drum covers over 5,500 square feet. BIG A Asphalt Emulsion Driveway Sealer comes in conveniently sized buckets and includes abrasives. It also cleans up easily with soapy water, making this a very good emulsion sealer for commercial properties. 

Kool Seal Emulsion Driveway Sealer

Kool Seal Emulsion Driveway Sealer is an asphalt-emulsion based driveway sealer that penetrates and rejuvenates dried out asphalt surfaces and seals hairline cracks. It provides a black protective finish, which helps eliminate water penetration and prevent freeze/thaw cracking.  

Apply at 100 square feet per gallon per coat for smooth or previously sealed driveways. Rough, porous or previously unsealed driveways may require slightly more. Over application will increase cure time and increase the risk of surface defects, but it can get the job done. Kool Seal Emulsion Driveway Sealer also has a dry time of 4 hours for light traffic, which is ideal for busy commercial properties

Henry HE127 Asphalt Emulsion

Henry HE127 Asphalt Emulsion is a commercial-grade, asphalt-based product designed to seal and protect asphalt pavement. It is specially formulated with a very stable base emulsion, to ensure every inch of reinforcement is particularly durable and flexible for increased asphalt longevity.

That means Henry HE127 Asphalt Emulsion’s formula provides a finished product widely known as one of the strongest and most reliable asphalt emulsion seal coats on the market. Henry designed HE127 for sealing parking lots, driveways, residential streets, and other slow traffic asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt emulsion sealer is a smart choice for increasing longevity of asphalt pavement. 

Properly selected and applied asphalt emulsion sealers provide affordable, efficient protection for pavement surfaces from the elements. Reputable installation by qualified professionals maximizes each product’s performance features cost-effectively.

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